Description: clear liquid.
Ingredients: 12.5% amitraz
Release form: box with two 1.0 ml glass vials (40 doses)
Prescription: varroa bee. 1 ml diluted in 2 liters of pure water to obtain a uniform emulsion.



Description: bag containing 30 g of formic acid (85%) in gel form.
Ingredients: formic acid
Release form: 4 bags are packaged in jars with polymer control of the first opening
Prescription: Varroa and akarapidoz bees. 'Muravinka' destroys the wax moth and other pests of bee colony simultaneously disinfects hive. Ecologically pure: decomposes in air into water and carbon dioxide. No polluting of bee products.



Description: cotton cord
Ingredients: 0.1% amitraz and thermal structure.
Release form: 10 cords
Prescription: Varroa and akarapidoz bees. Has acaricidal action against varroa mites and akarapis. Affects ticks by smoke aerosols produced by burning cords. Safe for bees.




Description: white-pink powder
Ingredients: potassium phosphate (25%), magnesium sulphate (36%), cobalt chloride (1.2%) and sucrose.
Release form: 10 g of powder in foil packet
Prescription: balanced complex of microelements to bees, based on water-soluble salts of potassium, magnesium and cobalt. Apistim increases the reproductive activity of queen bees, stimulates and increases the productivity of bee colonies.



Description: plate wood veneer
Ingredients: plate wood veneer, impregnated acaricide composition containing fluvalinate (80 mg / plate)
Release form: 10 veneer plates in foil packet
Prescription: Varroa bee.