Description: colorless or light yellow liquid. When mixed with water forms a stable white emulsion.
Ingredients: cypermethrin - 10%
Release form: 50, 500 ml plastic vial, 2 ml ampoule
Prescription: insektoakaritsidnoe remedy for controlling ectoparasites of animals, disinfection of livestock buildings and combating ticks



Description: colorless or light yellow liquid.
Ingredients: Active ingredient: permethrin 5.0 g Excipients: castor oil medical 7.5 g,
butyl acetate 0.25 g, ethanol 96% 87.25 g
Release form: 500 ml plastic vial
Prescription: for therapeutic and prophylactic treatment for sheep, cattle, pigs, deer, horses and fur animals in arachno-enthomosis, as well as pest control and combating ticks


Anti-flea spray

Description: light yellow liquid with a faint odor
Ingredients: permethrin - 0.2%, fenthion - 0.2%.
Release form: 100 ml plastic cartridge
Prescription: against lice, fleas, lice, and Ixodes sarkoptoidnyh mites and other ectoparasites of cats and dogs.



Difenatsin 1% oil solution

Description: oily liquid, dolled up in a warning blue, pink or other bright color.
Ingredients:  Difenatsin 1%.
Release form: 500 ml plastic vial
Prescription: for the extermination of rats and mice at veterinary surveillance objects

Food additive



Rakushka (Sea shell fodder)

Description: set of gray-beige particles
Ingredients: salts of calcium, magnesium and iodine.
Release form: 1 or 10 kg plastic bag
Prescription: designed to enrich the diets of poultry salts of calcium, magnesium and iodine